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American football fans, by the numbers

Rachel Gursky

Content Marketing Director

TV 02.01.2018 / 12:00


Fans that are 25-34 are 88% more likely to pay to see a game live.

With Super Bowl LII just days away, fans are busy preparing for the big game. From Super Bowl parties to excitement around the half time show and the biggest advertising event of the year, there’s something in it for everyone – even if your team didn’t make it to the end. So who will be tuning in? We turned to our latest TGI consumer data to learn more about the American football fan.

Not surprisingly, the fan base skews male, with men 26% more likely to be NLF fans vs. women who are 24% less likely to take an interest in the sport.

In general US adults age 45-54 are 8% more likely than the norm to have any interest in the NFL and 25% more likely to turn to the internet for NFL information. This age bracket however is 10% less likely to pay to attend games.

Who will pay to attend? Fans that are 25-34 are 88% more likely to pay to see a live game, while those ages 35-44 are 44% more likely to shell out cash to see their teams live in action.

Open to advertising and brands

If you’re spending big bucks to place a commercial during the Super Bowl, the good news is NFL fans are responsive to advertising. Indeed, our TGI data shows they are 32% more likely to signal advertising as an important determinant when making purchases. But they don’t rely completely on advertising. They’re also 25% more likely to consider the reputation of a brand and 20% more likely to take quality into account when making purchasing decisions.

A Tech-Savvy Group

NFL fans are internet-savvy consumers, relying on technology for day-to-day tasks and activities. According to our TGI data, they are 24% more likely than average to use the internet to manage their finances, including personal banking, paying bills and checking investments. Additionally, they are 19% more likely to use the internet for shopping and retail and 18 percent more likely to download content from the internet, whether it be music, films, TV shows or games.

Big-ticket Buyers

Football enthusiasts have plans to make some big purchases in the upcoming months. Our TGI data indicates that NFL fans are 26% more likely to buy or lease a new car within the next 12 months, which makes the many car ads running during the Super Bowl quite understandable. Meanwhile, they are also 26% more likely to purchase a new home and 15% more likely to make a major home improvement within the next year.

Kantar Media’s TGI data proves that NFL fans are commercially very valuable. Segmenting these target audiences and understanding what drives their purchases is key for marketers in an increasingly competitive consumer market.

Source: Kantar Media

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