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Are 'Prime Pods' the Answer for TV Ads?

Advertisers are testing the waters to see if new approaches help them stand out.

2018 World Cup a massive success for China TV

More than 87 million Chinese people watched the final between France and Croatia live. The 64 games attracted 440 million TV audiences.

Sport audience full
6 Ways to Thrive in the New Age of Advertising

Manish Bhatia offers his takeaways on Kantar Media's global DIMENSION study.

American football fans, by the numbers

Fans that are 25-34 are 88% more likely to pay to see a game live.

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TV advertising around the Supreme Court is heating up.
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The social media platform has been investing heavily in winning back consumer trust.
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Kantar Media examined advertising by mortgage lenders on television and online paid search from March 1 through May 21.
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Ad spending in China this year will grow 5.2% to reach 585.8 billion yuan.
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How much time spent engaging in video games is enough?

Kantar Media has analyzed this year’s trends in TV, Facebook and paid search retail advertising.

Deepening relationships with women could bring in billions in assets.

Meet the fast-rising brands to understand how they broke into the landscape.

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