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One-quarter of just-installed apps are wiped in 10 minutes

Elizabeth Wilner

US Editor

Mobile 02.26.2015 / 10:15

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Kantar data points on Android app survival rates

Tick tock. Watch the clock. The make-or-break phase for a newly installed app on an Android device is the first 10 minutes, according to Kantar mobile behavioral data. One-quarter of Android users who installed new apps proceeded to uninstall them within that brief stretch of time. Once the 10-minute mark passes, the inclination to uninstall becomes much more diffuse, happening over days.

Key Numbers

  • 31 days Average lifespan of a paid game app
  • 15 days Average life span of a free game app

Of Kantar's total sample of 12,971 Android users whose mobile behavior was tracked (anonymously and with consent, of course) between January and October 2014, 26% installed, then uninstalled the same app within 10 minutes. Another 6% did so during the next 50 minutes, meaning a total of 32% installed then uninstalled within an hour. And yet another 6% installed then uninstalled within the following 23 hours, for a total of 38% who ditched that new app within one day of installation.

For games specifically, Android device users hang on far longer to games they paid for, an average of 31 days, than they hang onto games they downloaded for free: an average of 15 days.


Source: Kantar

Editor's Notes

The above results were derived from the Kantar panel of 12,971 Android device users whose behavior was tracked from January 2014 through October 2014. For more on the Kantar methodology, click here.

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