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The Protein Powder Players Topping Google and Amazon Search

Jim Leichenko

Director of Marketing, AdGooroo

Digital 10.12.2018 / 08:00


Protein powder has become a mainstream item for everyday athletes.

Once used only by body builders and elite athletes, protein powders have spread into mainstream use by everyday health and exercise enthusiasts. Today we look at protein powder in paid search advertising on Amazon and Google, examining search activity on the two platforms for 3 popular protein powder-related keywords from September 1-30: ‘protein powder, ‘vegan protein powder’ and ‘whey protein powder’.

Optimum Takes Top Spot on Amazon

For Amazon, we evaluated the top protein powder brands on based on each brand’s visibility in the site’s search results. Specifically, we used our eCommerce Search Ad Insight solution to analyze sponsored and organic listings displaying for the 3 protein powder keywords in Amazon search results and produced a ranking of the top 10 brands based on factors including the percentage of time the brand was found in the top 3 positions on the first search results page, the brand’s average page position and the number of the brand’s listings found.

Protein Powder Top Brands On Amazon

Glanbia’s Optimum Nutrition was the top-ranked protein powder brand on Amazon in September, appearing in the top 3 search results 30% of the time when the 3 protein powder keywords were searched. Glanbia’s Isopure ranked sixth. 

Vega, the second-ranked brand, appeared in the top 3 search results 18% of the time, while the third-ranked brand, Orgain, appeared 11% of the time.

Amazon’s own private label brand, Amazon Elements, ranked fifth, but led all brands in page position, displaying on average in position 3 during the month, which is higher and more visible on the search results page than the other brands. For instance, the top 3 brands, Optimum Nutrition, Vega and Orgain, had an average page position of 9, 11 and 8, respectively, during September. (Amazon brands, including Amazon Elements, have been among the most visible in its search results for other health-related products as well.)

Puritan's Pride Dominates Google

For Google, we ranked advertisers by their share of total clicks on the 3 protein powder keywords for both product listing ads and traditional text ads in September.

Protein Powder Top Advertisers Google

Vitamin and supplement manufacturer Puritan’s Pride dominated product listing ad clicks on Google in September, capturing 41.4% of all PLA clicks on the 3 protein powder keywords during the month. No other advertiser came even close; ranked second with a very respectable 12% share of PLA clicks, followed by Walmart (9.2% PLA click share), The Vitamin Shoppe (8.9% PLA click share) and Target (4% PLA click share) rounding out the top five.

Within text ads, led all advertisers, garnering 11.5% of all text ad clicks on the 3 protein powder keywords. LadyBoss ranked a close second with a 10% text ad click share, while Vitacost (8.4% text ad click share), GNC (8.2% text ad click share) and 1st Phorm (6.8% text ad click share) filled in the remaining top five positions during the month.

Overall, product listing ads displaying for the 3 protein powder keywords drove nearly five times as many clicks as text ads during September, providing perspective on the paid search success of the top PLA advertisers vs. traditional text advertisers, especially Puritan’s Pride., LadyBoss and GNC were the only three advertisers to rank in the top 10 for both product listing ads and text ads, demonstrating a strong, balanced approach across both search ad formats. 

Source: Kantar Media

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