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Top Baby Monitors In Google and Amazon Search

Jim Leichenko

Director of Marketing, AdGooroo

Digital 10.30.2018 / 09:00


For Amazon, we ranked the top 10 brands displaying for the keyword ‘baby monitor.’

This week we look at paid search advertising for baby monitors on Amazon and Google, examining search activity on the two platforms for the keyword ‘baby monitor’ from September 16 through October 16.

Infant Optics Tops Amazon

For Amazon, we ranked the top 10 brands displaying for the keyword ‘baby monitor’ based on factors including the percentage of time the brand was found in the top 3 positions on the first search results page, the brand’s average page position and the number of the brand’s listings found.

Baby Monitor Top Brands On Amazon Search

Infant Optics was the most visible baby monitor brand in search results, appearing in the top 3 positions on the results page 34% of the time when the keyword ‘baby monitor’ was searched, and appearing on average in position 3 on the search results page across all of its 146 listings.

Notably, Infant Optics, which promotes its DXR-8 model as “the #1 baby selling video baby monitor on”, is having strong success on Amazon without having to spend money to advertise. In fact, we did not find any sponsored listings for Infant Optics displaying for the keyword ‘baby monitor’ during the period; all 146 Infant Optics listings we recorded were organic.

In contrast, we found 74 and 81 sponsored listings, respectively, for the second and third most visible brands, VTech and Babysense. While sponsoring listings can bring a brand to the top of the search results for any given keyword, it was not enough for either VTech or Babysense to overtake Infant Optics’ strong organic performance; the brands appeared in the top 3 positions 12% and 14% of the time, respectively, vs. Infant Organic’ 34%, and displayed on average in position 7 on the page vs. Infant Organics’ average position of 3.

Walmart, Amazon Lead on Google

In product listing ads, Walmart garnered 57.5% of all desktop clicks on PLAs displaying for the keyword ‘baby monitor’, and 55.3% of all mobile PLA clicks. Its closest competitor was Target, which captured 18% of clicks on ‘baby monitor’ for both desktop and mobile PLAs.

Baby Monitor Top Advertisers On Google Search

Within traditional text ads, Amazon was the dominant player, generating a 61.3% desktop click share and a 40% mobile click share on ads displaying for the keyword ‘baby monitor’. The review site ranked second in text ad clicks, with an 18.9% desktop click share and a 15.3% mobile click share. Notably, we found only six advertisers sponsoring desktop text ads for the keyword ‘baby monitor’ during the period.

For Google, we ranked advertisers based on their share of total clicks on the keyword ‘baby monitor’ for both product listing ads and traditional text ads. We found two advertisers dominating results from September 16 through October 16: Walmart and Amazon.

Source: Kantar Media

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