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Advertisers Miss Millions Still Searching for Toys R Us

Jim Leichenko

Director of Marketing, AdGooroo

Digital 11.20.2018 / 09:00


No advertiser has sponsored the keyword ‘toys r us’ on Google.

Toys “R” Us may have shut down its U.S. operations in June, but millions of shoppers are still searching for the venerable toy chain online this holiday season. In fact, in the last 30 days Kantar Media data shows the keyword ‘toys r us’ has been searched more than 7.5 million times on U.S. Google.

Despite continuing consumer interest though, search advertisers have not stepped in to take advantage. According to Kantar Media data, no advertiser has sponsored the keyword ‘toys r us’ on U.S. Google since the first week of March. And that advertiser was Toys “R” Us.

What’s more, the only advertiser other than Toys “R” Us to advertise on the keyword ‘toys r us’ in the last 12 months was Amazon, and that was back in November 2017. Considering Toys “R” Us captured 98.8% of all U.S. Google clicks on their brand name that month, according to Kantar Media data, it’s not surprising that Amazon gave up.

This year is a different story though. Toys “R” Us is long gone (for now at least). And, despite a flux of news stories on toy retailers rushing to fill the void, so far no one is utilizing search advertising to do so. That means toy sellers may be missing a significant opportunity to engage millions of shoppers while they are searching for gifts this holiday season.

Of course, there’s still 35 days left until Christmas, and it doesn’t take long to add a new keyword to your campaigns (or take one down if it doesn’t work out). So we’ll have to continue to keep our eye on the situation to see if anything changes.  

Source: Kantar Media

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