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Kaepernick Tops Tom Brady in Paid Search

Colin Kaepernick is among the greats when it comes to his jersey.

Advertisers keep creating ad blocker advocates

Advertisers still struggle to use data and technology in the most effective way.

Digital advertising growth at risk without comparable global measurement standards

A new international study shows mounting risk to advertisers.

Brands Can Weather Extreme Content Storm Without Heading for the Exits

Consumer are largely forgiving when brands advertise around sensitive content

Programmatic users behaving badly

Insights from TNS, Xaxis and Kantar Media on what marketers still have to learn about the hottest tool in digital advertising

Big Data Key Middle
From The Archive

Kantar Media analyzed the most visible toy brands for six popular toy-related keywords.
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Walmart captured nearly 25% of all product listing ad clicks on the toy keyword group.
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Kantar Media analyzed paid search advertising performance on Black Friday- and Cyber Monday-specific keywords
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No advertiser has sponsored the keyword ‘toys r us’ on Google.
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