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Top Meal Replacement Brands on Amazon, Google, and TV

Kantar Media examined advertising activity for meal replacement shakes on Amazon, Google and television.

Advertisers keep creating ad blocker advocates

Advertisers still struggle to use data and technology in the most effective way.

Digital advertising growth at risk without comparable global measurement standards

A new international study shows mounting risk to advertisers.

Brands Can Weather Extreme Content Storm Without Heading for the Exits

Consumer are largely forgiving when brands advertise around sensitive content

Programmatic users behaving badly

Insights from TNS, Xaxis and Kantar Media on what marketers still have to learn about the hottest tool in digital advertising

Big Data Key Middle
From The Archive

Within paid search advertising, neo-banks are making their presence felt.
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Kantar examined the online giant’s advertising efforts across various media from July 1 through July 16.
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Ad-free subscription services have become a driving force in how people consume media.
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Kantar analyzed auto advertising activity on television and Google in the first two months of 2019.
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