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CES and the conundrum facing connected cars

Cars are packed with technology. Now tell the buyers.

Apple loyalty taps record high in US

The iPhone X made it into the top three best-selling devices in December across Europe, urban China, Japan, Australia and the US.

From algorithms to AI: sea changes in the digital advertising ecosystem in 2018

Annual Media & Digital Predictions from Kantar Millward Brown highlight continued evolutions in branded storytelling, cross-media measurement and ROI.

Traditional media holds its place in a digital world

For a medium pronounced dead so many times, TV is very much alive and kicking.

Sampling best practice déjà vu

The same techniques that nonprobability samples use to weight and model data often need to be used on probability samples to account for nonresponse bias

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Pokémon GO's smash success

Once an April's Fool joke, the app is sending people in droves to the streets, stores, parks and landmarks to catch "them all"

Pokemon paying customers only
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Total spending expands by 4.3% from 2016.
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Kantar Media’s preliminary and conservative estimate of total ad spending from in-game spots is $414 million.
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Fans that are 25-34 are 88% more likely to pay to see a game live.
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539 hours of Olympic coverage aired by NBCU for the Sochi Games was an increase of nearly 25% from 2010.
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China’s Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan - what you should know about Chinese New Year in these markets.

Americans see no relief from the high cost of healthcare.

Amazon gives its first sign of how it will incorporate Whole Foods into grocery delivery.

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