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Apple Share Firm Pre-iPhone X Release

Apple shows signs of strength in key global markets.

Americans See No Safety for Personal Information

Americans embrace technology, but increasingly feel their information is at risk.

privacy online
Traditional media holds its place in a digital world

For a medium pronounced dead so many times, TV is very much alive and kicking.

A Decade of Smartphone Growth Fizzles. What's Next?

Smartphone sales dropped 2% in major global markets last year

Sampling best practice déjà vu

The same techniques that nonprobability samples use to weight and model data often need to be used on probability samples to account for nonresponse bias

speech bubble
Pokémon GO's smash success

Once an April's Fool joke, the app is sending people in droves to the streets, stores, parks and landmarks to catch "them all"

Pokemon paying customers only
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Walt Disney Pictures has released 27 national commercials to promote Thor: Ragnarok
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Experian moved quickly to capitalize on the Equifax breach.
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iOS posted growth in the US, China, Germany, France, and Spain.
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Networks are offering more than 70 shows during the evening.
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In 2017, Black Friday will complete its conquest of November.

The U.S. Top 100 brand value totaled $3.16 trillion

Those with health conditions turn to social media for emotional support.

Tmall, Taobao and are most mentioned e-commerce brands ahead of China's Singles Day.

Apple shows signs of strength in key global markets.

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