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Trump Gets a Boost in First-Year Ad Boom

Candidates lined up with Trump in their advertising campaigns.

Trump’s Healthcare Battle Takes a Toll

Americans see no relief from the high cost of healthcare.

Illinois Governor's race triggers early ad blitz

55% of ads so far have been negative.

Midterm Elections to Bring in Billions in TV Advertising

Governors' races in 17 states will buoy spending in 2018

Fake news attacks are failing

Print and broadcast media have held up to attacks from politicians.

How Georgia's Special Election Became the Most Expensive House Race in History

Local TV stations were big winners in the special election

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Global election polls have been at their most accurate this year, Lightspeed data shows
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Americans agree taxes are too high but don't see taxes as a serious issue for the country.
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Money is starting to pour into health care ads.
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An increasingly fragmented society means getting comfortable with uncertainty.
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