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Midterm Elections are a New Season to Empower Shoppers

Sara Al-Tukhaim

Senior Vice President - Global Retail Insights

Retail 11.06.2018 / 12:00


This election cycle is showing how brands find compelling ways to connect with shoppers.

At Kantar Consulting, we’ve been tracking the growth in shoppers seeking to feel more empowered in their lives and through the decisions they make at retail. This trend is particularly revealing today on Election Day, where early voting numbers point to a potentially record turnout for a midterm election. A whopping 36 million voters cast their ballots early this year, up from the 27 million who voted early in the 2014 midterm. Regardless of political leaning, this is one of many growing signals that Americans — and subsequently your shoppers — are more motivated than ever to act and prioritize aligning with the people, messages and items reflecting their values.

And this election cycle, more than any other, is showing how retailers and brands can come up with fresh, compelling ways to connect with shoppers on shoppers’ terms. In our latest seasonal retail analysis, The 2018 elections: A new retail season takes shape, our research team dives into the products, promotions, and platforms effectively seeking to empower shoppers during this election season. While best practices are still emerging, two things are clear:

  • This election cycle has seen some of the strongest, most creative retailer and brand involvement yet.
  • If you haven’t internalized the election as a seasonal retail opportunity, use these learnings to inform future plans.

This year’s election cycle is just the latest example of shoppers looking to express themselves beyond the ballot. Social media remains a strong vehicle to extend one’s influence, but it is precisely this influencer mindset that will increasingly translate to shoppers’ retail decisions.

By this time tomorrow, we should know how this election turned out. Regardless of the outcome, people’s desire to do something to feel empowered will remain strong. Join us at our Retail Insights Conference this December to learn more about how this drive is fundamentally changing perceptions of shopper ROI. In the meantime, make sure to check out our in-depth holiday forecast and predictions. At a time when the very relevance of retail is transforming, ’tis the season to empower shoppers indeed.

Source: Kantar Consulting

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