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Walmart and Flipkart: What You Need to Know

Walmart will invest $16 billion for a 77% initial stake.

Here's Why the Marijuana Market Will Keep Blooming

More states continue to evolve their thinking around medical and adult-use cannabis.

pot plant
Has Kroger found a path to online grocery profitability?

The exclusive nature of Ocado's partnership with Kroger is unique.

Amazon Prime Membership Nears 50% of US Households

An estimated 57 million households now have a Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Day box full
What Walmart gets with Jet

Kantar Retail's fast answers and key questions around Walmart's biggest e-commerce move to date

Green buy button
Pokemon GO: a new kind of shopper reward?

What the augmented reality game could do for the future of retail

urban jungle
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Target certainly is in a better place, although it still recovering lost ground.
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A late start to spring was the main driver to a weaker than expected sales quarter for Home Depot.
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Prime continues to drive revenue in North America.
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Kroger’s performance reinforced that they are stable and growing.
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