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5 Takeaways From the Strange Collapse of Sears

Sears’ rapid decline may very well be final this time.

Did Amazon Push Kroger and Walgreens Closer Together?

Retailers respond as Amazon jumps into the grocery and pharmacy spaces.

Amazon Puts Its Muscle Behind Advertising Private Label Brands

Amazon is making sure its own brands are prominent in search results.

Amazon is Far From a Destroyer of Brands

The challenge to brands is developing new ways of thinking about building equity.

What Walmart gets with Jet

Kantar Retail's fast answers and key questions around Walmart's biggest e-commerce move to date

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Pokemon GO: a new kind of shopper reward?

What the augmented reality game could do for the future of retail

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Fun Run deals offered exclusively via Cartwheel rewarded Target's most loyal guests.
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Amazon announced its biggest and most diversified device launch yet.
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Kantar Media examined sponsored and organic listings displaying for 14 popular battery-related keywords in search.
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Small-format stores are looking to boost basket size with private label wine.
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