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Takeaways From the Breakup of Old Navy and Gap

Old Navy's success will no longer be consistently outweighed by Gap’s sluggish performance.

Esports are the Next Frontier for Retail

Esports have the potential to become the first global sport.

Amazon is Far From a Destroyer of Brands

The challenge to brands is developing new ways of thinking about building equity.

Marijuana in Mexico Gets Another Lift

Here's what Mexico's ruling on cannabis means for brands.

What Walmart gets with Jet

Kantar Retail's fast answers and key questions around Walmart's biggest e-commerce move to date

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Pokemon GO: a new kind of shopper reward?

What the augmented reality game could do for the future of retail

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Costco’s U.S. growth taper off as it saturates the market in the coming years.
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Target is thriving with brick and mortar stores at its core.
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Target will unveil its annual shifts in its goals and plans.
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Performance weakens during the fourth quarter.
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