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How healthy do Americans think they are?

Laura Sigman

Director of Marketing, The Americas

Health 06.06.2016 / 20:20

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50% want to see nutritional information when eating out and taking out

With healthy eating trends on the rise, more consumers are making healthy choices in regards to their diet. A recent Lightspeed All Global Mobile Patient Pulse Poll reveals that 73% of respondents consider themselves healthy eaters, and a strong majority - 84% - claim they consume fresh fruits and/or vegetables daily.

Key Numbers

  • 24% unaware of USDA recommendations for healthy eating

In 2014, the USDA reported that American adults are adjusting their diet and making better decisions that involve consuming fewer calories from fat, less cholesterol and an increase in fiber. USDA research shows that approximately half of American adults utilize nutrition facts found on packages, and more than three quarters reported that they would use the facts if available. According to the Lightspeed All Global Mobile Patient Pulse Poll, 50% of respondents prefer to see nutritional information when buying take-out food or eating at restaurants because they feel it helps them make informed decisions.

Spending on food. Out of the survey respondents, 54% also claim they spend $1 to $49 weekly on restaurants (not including fast-food) and 56% report they spend $1 to $49 weekly on take-out. As for grocery spending, 34% of survey respondents spend $50 to $99 and 32% of survey respondents spend $100 to $149 weekly.

Further key survey findings include:

  • USDA food plan recommendations: 42% of survey respondents do not follow the plan, 34% claim they do follow the plan, and 24% are unaware of what the USDA recommends
  • At-home dinners: 85% of survey respondents make homemade meals


Editor's Notes

Survey conducted March 2016 on Lightspeed All Global’s Patient Pulse Poll; 887 respondents age 18+. This article first appeared on the Lightspeed All Global blog on June 2, 2016. Journalists, for inquiries or to speak with the experts, contact us. Follow @Kantar and sign up for our insight alerts.


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