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62.5% of Americans Have a Pre-Existing Condition

American leads the world in obesity and metabolic diseases

These are the doctors tapping into social media

Engagement with social media depends on medical specialty

My other doctor is a search engine

The patient journey starts with an online search.

Phones Viewed as Merely Moderate Distracted Driving Threat

Using a phone while driving is only viewed as moderately dangerous to many

Pharmaceutical Companies Have a Huge Trust Problem

Americans want to be healthy but they don't trust drug companies.

colorful pills and money
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Will CVS transform from a drugstore chain into a one-stop-shop healthcare provider.
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The power of WeChat is so strong that doctors are installing fewer medical apps.
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Vitamin consumers get their information from print publications.
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More than half of adults take vitamins to treat a range of issues.
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80% of Americans expect self-driving cars to become a reality.

TurboTax led tax prep advertising over the last three months.

Using a celebrity does not guarantee effective advertising. To gauge whether a celebrity is right for your brand, you need to establish whether they are known, liked, and what they stand for.

Innovation leads to Difference, one of the three components of Brand Power. Consumers are more likely to pay a premium price for Different brands.

Offending someone on Twitter is nothing new – but when that someone is a teenager who was recently flung into the spotlight, the risks can be high.

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