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62.5% of Americans Have a Pre-Existing Condition

American leads the world in obesity and metabolic diseases

Vitamin Buyers Put Their Faith in Print

Vitamin consumers get their information from print publications.

Vitamins, Supplements Have a Healthy Hold on US Consumers

More than half of adults take vitamins to treat a range of issues.

Phones Viewed as Merely Moderate Distracted Driving Threat

Using a phone while driving is only viewed as moderately dangerous to many

Pharmaceutical Companies Have a Huge Trust Problem

Americans want to be healthy but they don't trust drug companies.

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Pharma is the 7th largest ad category in the U.S. at $6.4 billion last year.
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Patient centricity is not just a buzz word
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Family members who make their household healthcare decisions, especially Millennials, increasingly turn to nontraditional channels
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More than 550 manufacturer and retailers participated in this year's study.

In 2017, Black Friday will complete its conquest of November.

The U.S. Top 100 brand value totaled $3.16 trillion

Those with health conditions turn to social media for emotional support.

Tmall, Taobao and are most mentioned e-commerce brands ahead of China's Singles Day.

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