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How Millennials Want to Run Marketing

Kate Ginsburg

VP, Product Marketing & Innovation

Brands 10.24.2018 / 11:00


Millennial marketers have been immersed in technology and innovation, and expect it to extend into the workplace.

Millennials are now the largest generation in the labor force, and with them come new methods for solving industry issues. In the Getting Media Right study produced by the Insights Division at Kantar, younger marketers (those born between 1980 and 1994) reported considerably different ideas about their organization’s approaches toward strategic marketing planning compared to their more seasoned counterparts. This new generation of millennial marketers have been immersed and influenced by technology and innovation, and expect it to extend into the workplace.

Confidence in media mix lower among Millennial marketers

Gen Y marketers are more likely to scrutinize their organization’s marketing strategies and they expect better integration across a growing array of platforms and channels. They were less confident that their organizations were creating the right balance between offline and digital and has the optimal mix of media.

Millenial Marketers Digital Balance

Millennials more willing to try new things

Gen Y marketers are more eager to incorporate new marketing channels, marketing innovations and trends in their planning. The largest perceived gaps are in areas they know well, like in-app, cross-device, Advanced TV and across desktop and laptop online media.

Millennials Budget Market Research Gaps

Getting Media Right tells us that while a majority of marketers recognize they should look at a blend of short-term sales and long-term brand as indicators of performance, a large portion of marketers still focus on short-term sales, using traditional metrics. The new play book for driving growth requires marketers understand how ideas, content, and media can be activated to create holistic marketing and Millennials may get there first.

Download the full report here.

The Insights Division at Kantar team will be presenting the full Getting Media Right results in webinars the week of October 22nd. Register here to join.

Source: Kantar Millward Brown

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