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Brands want to contribute more to your life

Helen Firth

Senior Vice President Brand Development

Brands 10.27.2016 / 13:20

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Seven out of ten brand marketers want to deliver something of value beyond their products and services

Brand marketers are increasingly looking at the contributions they wish to make to people’s lives beyond products and services. Research from Kantar Added Value has identified that culture is a hot topic and growing. Eight out of ten marketers (83%) say connecting with wider culture is important for business growth, while seven out of ten (71%) indicate they seek to contribute to culture and deliver something of value to consumers beyond their products and services.

But what does Kantar Added Value mean by culture? It’s not culture in the sense of art galleries or museums, and it has nothing to do with corporate culture or multiculturalism. It’s culture in its widest sense - the fabric of society, the world around us - life, if you like, and everything in it.

Kantar Added Value’s 2016 Creating Cultural Value Study surveyed more than 100 senior brand leaders in the US, UK and France. The research found that creating cultural value is playing an increasingly strategic role as a driver for brand engagement and expression.

Seven out of ten (73%) respondents say their marketing department will need to act like a ‘cultural radar’, connecting with consumers by tapping into what is relevant to them at that moment in time and six in ten (63%) claim they will invest more money in initiatives they feel make the right contribution to culture for their brands. Over half of all respondents say the need for their brand to activate more in “real-time” is a key challenge – but less than one fifth think they’ve got this right.

The study shows brands are taking action by investing in initiatives that make the right contribution to culture. Marketers are beginning to think about ‘cultural content’ over ‘branded content’ – connecting with aspects of culture that hold greater meaning for the brand’s target audience over and above the brand narrative.

Source: Kantar Added Value

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