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Choose connection and connectivity

Kris Hull

Digital Director, Americas

Brands 11.21.2016 / 09:00


Use data and technology to target those consumers who are naturally predisposed to engage with brands.

The advent of digital marketing has resulted in potential customers facing an endless barrage of information, offers and messaging. The result has been a more fragmented consumer that on the one hand seems to have the attention span of a goldfish, but on the other hand spends hours binge-watching their favorite series online.

Results from the Kantar TNS Connected Life study show that adding to the volume of brand-driven content is having an adverse impact on consumers. Some 33% of U.S. consumers feel “constantly followed” by brand advertising, a percentage that is even higher among younger and more digitally savvy groups. 

Consumers Followed

So, what should brands do to cut through the noise and (re)connect with consumers?

The message is clear. Brands need to be thinking “human first.”

Brands need to understand the consumer’s context – which touchpoints really matter in driving brand equity and sales. Kantar TNS has identified that only 20% of touchpoints can deliver 80% of the impact – with those 20% of touchpoints differing between brands, categories, countries and customer experiences.

Brands also need to rethink the way they target people: instead of using behavioral targeting, based on people’s online behavior, brands should switch to mindset targeting:  providing content at the right time, when people are open to the brand. And, in our complex and busy digital world, it’s more important than ever for brands to make their ads relevant and interesting: content that attracts, engages and drives action will have the power to make a real connection.


In a fragmented and crowded market place, brands that focus on the human being behind the screen, are the ones that will win the battle for engagement.


Source: Kantar TNS

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