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J. Walker Smith

Chief Knowledge Officer - Kantar Consulting

Brands 09.15.2015 / 09:50


63% of consumers agree, “I am more likely to choose a brand if it exposes me to new sensations or experiences"

The first decision when dining is whether to eat in or go out. A well-stocked pantry or fridge often settles the issue, but not always. Sometimes, it's about somebody else doing all the work or a craving for something different. In these instances, the next decision is where to go, and, increasingly, people are going where they can get a sensorial blast.

In every major metropolis, and even in many smaller communities, there are lots of dining options. Everybody has their favorites, but experimentation and novelty are what many people favor nowadays.  In the most recent US MONITOR survey conducted by The Futures Company, 60% of Millennials agree with the statement, "I'd rather try a new restaurant even if I'm not sure I'll like it."

Key Numbers

  • 60% of Millennials agree, "I'd rather try a new restaurant even if I'm not sure I'll like it"

As America evolves from a diverse multicultural society to a blended polycultural society, ingredients, tastes and recipes from around the world are making their way into restaurant kitchens, and from there, into people's dining rooms. The flavors, aromas, colors and textures of many cultures are showing up on menus and in pantries. But more than that, they are being mixed and merged and combined into something new. The result is a sensorial blast that is tantalizing people's palates in fresh, original ways as it reverberates through all manner of eateries.

This sensorial blast is changing more than the foods people eat. It is also changing the ways in which people think about many categories and the kinds of things they are open to trying for the first time. People are willing to go along for the ride, as evident in the 63% of consumers - including 72% of Millennials - who agree, "I am more likely to choose a brand if it exposes me to new sensations or experiences."

Join us to experience a sensorial blast yourself. With the expert guidance of local chefs, The Futures Company will delight your taste buds and satisfy cravings you never knew you had at the Sensorial Blast session during our special event, "From Multicultural to Polycultural: Engaging the New America in 2016 and Beyond," on September 17 at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. You'll never think of a taco in the same way again.

This article was co-authored by Abelardo de la Peña, Cultural Streetscaper, and Peter Rose, EVP of North America Consulting, both at The Futures Company.


Source: Kantar Futures

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