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Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders

Chinese brands are growing fastest in Japan, France and Spain.

2019 BrandZ COBB cover
Is Feminism (Still) Too Intimidating?

Younger men in the US are apt to believe gender equality has already been achieved.

Tech adoption lags across the healthcare spectrum

Less than 30% of physicians have recommended health and wellness apps or wearable devices.

Alibaba Is More Than a Gateway to China

Alibaba is approaching adolescence on the global stage.

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American men are the least likely to splurge on their personal care routine.
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Halloween provides a window into shoppers’ spending plans for the hectic holiday season.
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Innovation in the toy category is positioning key retailers to compete for holiday dollars.
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The US leads the world in diagnosed cancer, cardiovascular disease and metabolic conditions.
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The total value of the brands in the Top 100 has risen 5% in the last year to $3.81 trillion.

Chapter 1 of Wavemaker's “SENIORS IN CHINA: THE ‘HIDDEN TREASURE’” report.

Kantar analyzed U.S. Google desktop clicks on product listing ads for 2,988 costume keywords.

Six banks brands account for nearly half of total brand value.

Stronger growth in lower tier cities, e-commerce channels, and higher inflation remain key drivers.

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