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Here's Where Google is Beating Amazon in the Smart Speaker Race

Amazon remains a market leader, but Google is making inroads with key consumers.

Nike's Kaepernick Campaign Boosted Brand Equity

The impact of the Kaepernick campaign is, and will continue to be, significant.

5 Takeaways From the Strange Collapse of Sears

Sears’ rapid decline may very well be final this time.

Amazon Readies for a Holiday Battle for Your Home

Amazon announced its biggest and most diversified device launch yet.

Canada Legalizes Marijuana and Opens a New Door for Brands

Canada’s recreational cannabis market is expected to be worth $3 to $5 billion.


Ross Tucker is the Executive Editor of Kantar US Insights.

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Bryan Gildenberg, a world-renowned expert in retail insight, is Kantar Consulting's Chief Knowledge…

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J. Walker Smith is Chief Knowledge Officer, Brand & Marketing at Kantar Consulting.

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Laura Sigman is Director of Marketing, The Americas at Lightspeed.

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Canada’s recreational cannabis market is expected to be worth $3 to $5 billion.

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Walmart suggested that its current investment phase would never truly be over

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