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TV Networks Blitz Fall Lineup with 75 Hours of Ads

Rachel Gursky

Content Marketing Manager

TV 10.06.2017 / 11:00


Networks are offering more than 70 shows during the evening.

With the turn of the calendar to autumn, an annual ritual is again underway. The broadcast TV networks are rolling out their slates of primetime programming for the fall season, hoping to attract enough viewers to meet the commitments they made to advertisers who purchased billions of dollars of commercial time.

More than 70 programs are on the evening schedules of ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. Their lineups are a mixture of returning shows and new series, and the majority of premiere telecasts are packed into a two-week period from September 25-October 8.

Messaging began in earnest the first week of July, nearly three months in advance of the fall season. During the twelve weeks between July 3 and September 24 the Big Four networks aired more than 13,400 commercials, totaling nearly 75 hours of ad time, to promote the premiere telecasts of new and returning primetime series.

With so much competition, the networks rely on marketing campaigns to stoke viewer awareness and interest in their programs, especially the freshman series. A core part of these campaigns are the promotional announcements networks run on their own airwaves.

Kantar Media analyzed the approaches taken by the four major networks during this period (excluding football programming). Summer primetime programs and shows airing outside of primetime were also excluded from analysis.

Source: Kantar Media

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To download and view the full report from Kantar Media click here.

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