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Which Super Bowl ads are scoring on Twitter?

Priscilla Parker

Editor, Kantar US Pulse

Social 01.27.2015 / 21:30

Kim Kardashian

Victoria's Secret, T-Mobile, Skittles seeing most positive reax; GoDaddy catching heat

When it comes to the Super Bowl, there's the football game and then there's the "real" championship bout: the battle of the ads.

As Kantar Media's Jon Swallen wrote recently, Super Bowl TV advertisers have accelerated their efforts to attract and engage multi-platform consumers.  While Swallen looked closely at efforts to leverage social media during the game-time commercials themselves, the pre-release of commercials is also meant to whip up social media attention and turn what used to be a single ad into a campaign. The top talked-about and retweeted Super Bowl commercials during the pre-game ramp-up so far, per our Kantar US Pulse, are those by Victoria's Secret, GoDaddy, T-Mobile and Skittles.

Suffice to say, the Victoria's Secret commercial is pretty popular all around. T-Mobile is getting a boost from Kim Kardashian's ability to poke a little fun at herself. GoDaddy's commercial is generating a lot of negative sentiment as tweets indicate that the ad is in bad taste. And Skittles is the most tweeted about commercial because Seattle Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch appears in it. Sentiment focuses on his payout for the ad, but it's also an opportunity for Seahawks fans to encourage Lynch and the team. Not a bad return for the candy's first-ever Super Bowl attempt.

Source: Kantar

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