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Google's Pixel storms the smartphone market

Google's Pixel has made serious inroads after only six weeks on the market.

iPhone 7 sales spur iOS US rebound

Apple's iPhone 7 gets a warm reception, but Google's Pixel shows early signs of strength

Nokia returns to smartphones

Can Nokia make a comeback with help from Android’s versatility and Foxconn’s manufacturing muscle?

American smartwatch ownership skyrockets past Europe

15% of US consumers own either a smartwatch or fitness band

Pokémon GO's smash success

Once an April's Fool joke, the app is sending people in droves to the streets, stores, parks and landmarks to catch "them all"

Pokemon paying customers only
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Long-promised technologies are on the verge of a consumer breakthrough.
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The information consumers need to make decisions is at their fingertips
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Smartphones in the USA: a two-year retrospective
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20 stores will open this summer, nearly a year earlier than expected

The mobile phone majors have all faced considerable challenges and criticism.

Apple finished 2016 as the top smartphone brand in Great Britain and the US.

Super Bowl LI was the second-most cluttered game ever.

Fans in the US, United Kingdom and China are making good money.

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