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Trump's triumph in 3 charts

Kantar Futures data show Americans were receptive to Trump's message.

Amongst the young, the democrats’ main rival is disengagement

Looking at how people aged 12-19 feel about politics ahead of the US election

Tracking the path of the political ad storm

Kantar Media assesses the coming disruption of available TV ad time by political advertisers in 2016

Iowa ad disruption is beating

Trump's website receives almost three times as many search clicks as Clinton's

Digital hand cursor
To the righteous goes the presidency

Trump, Clinton, and Americans' uniquely strong belief that politicians must have a moral grounding

White House
A community's Pulse

More LGBTQ than straight respondents feel vulnerable to health and welfare issues, discomfort over uncertainty in their lives

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An increasingly fragmented society means getting comfortable with uncertainty.
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Kantar looks at whether young people will stand up and be counted on 8th November
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Study: Clinton brand akin to American Airlines, USPS; Sanders brand to Instagram; Trump brand unlike any in 100,000-brand database
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Comparing Twitter activity around the world in reaction to both the Republican and Democratic presidential confabs
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20 stores will open this summer, nearly a year earlier than expected

The mobile phone majors have all faced considerable challenges and criticism.

Apple finished 2016 as the top smartphone brand in Great Britain and the US.

Super Bowl LI was the second-most cluttered game ever.

Fans in the US, United Kingdom and China are making good money.

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