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Beware of these Top Five Halloween Retail Trends

Meaghan Werle


Retail 10.27.2016 / 16:00


Kantar Retail reveals all this Fall Season

Retailers are pulling out all the stops this year to make their Halloween offer scream to shoppers. From decorative displays to fast delivery, value propositions are evolving to avoid being ghosted. According to Kantar Retail, there are five top Halloween retail trends to watch out for this Fall season:

1) The One-Stop Halloween Shop

Retailers will aim to satisfy shoppers’ Halloween needs in one convenient place. This season, we expect retailers to take a more holistic approach to holiday merchandising, whether in store or online, with themed displays and solutions to influence bigger baskets. Watch for unusual product adjacencies and creative packaging as retailers more closely tie in Halloween tricks (décor, costumes, entertaining, and even media) with treats.

2) Real Deals

Halloween has become an increasingly competitive selling time as discounters expand their Halloween assortments. To stay competitive, watch for value messaging and shipping offers to play a key role across channels leading up to Oct. 31. Christmas will again creep into the Halloween season as retailers tempt shoppers with early Black Friday-like promotions.

3) Digital Doom: Bringing Retail Back to Life

While driving traffic to stores remains a priority, retailers must beware of shoppers opting to do their holiday shopping online. Online retailers can ease shoppers haunted by Halloweens past or by more everyday fears — like unpredictable weather or the scramble to find a Halloween costume — by providing expedited delivery for their last-minute needs. 

To lure shoppers back, expect multichannel retailers to elevate their offer with in-store digital integration, social engagement, and online inspiration.

4) Tricks and (Healthy) Treats

Retailers this holiday are especially mindful of parents seeking healthier options for their little trick-or-treaters. Though it is safe to assume kids still prefer treats over tricks, retailers are slightly de-emphasizing their candy selection and highlighting alternative Halloween gift items to appease parents. However, with sweets still taking the cake this season, retailers are differentiating their assortment with exclusive products, better-for-you candy, and fall ingredients.

5) The Cultural Cauldron: A Seasonal Melting Pot

It is the season for pumpkin spice lattes, haunted houses, turkey trots, and football. Retailers continue to blur seasons this fall, merchandising back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, football, and Christmas side by side. This elevates the demand for interactive merchandising and clever shopper messaging that encourages shoppers to stock up early for these occasions. 

To further differentiate, retailers have the opportunity to carve out a niche by targeting nontraditional retail events, such as Oktoberfest, Diwali, and Election Day, or by creating their own reason to celebrate.

Source: Kantar Retail

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