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Lidl Counts Down to Launch

Lidl has announced a date for the opening of its first US store.

Amazon's Echo Look Sees More Than Just Your Wardrobe

Amazon is likely to leverage this window to your wardrobe in many ways.

It's Time to Get Real About Lidl

The buzz is building but the level of understanding is lacking.

How Pot Is Infusing Passion Into Retail

A look at Colorado's newest premium dispensary

What Walmart gets with Jet

Kantar Retail's fast answers and key questions around Walmart's biggest e-commerce move to date

Green buy button
Pokemon GO: a new kind of shopper reward?

What the augmented reality game could do for the future of retail

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Amazon’s aggressive pace of disruption could be scary for other companies.
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Good things happen when you put shoppers first
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The benefits to both companies could be substantial
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Lidl's biggest challenge will be convincing US shoppers to walk in the door.
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Global brands are in a race to claim new customers

Lidl has announced a date for the opening of its first US store.

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