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Super Bowl garners $2.6 billion in network ad sales over last decade

This year's Super Bowl could top $445 million in ad sales.

The Limited suffers fate of all undifferentiated retailers

The Limited becomes the first retail casualty of the new year.

Avoiding the retail 'death zone'

Go high or go low, but avoid the middle.

Eight holiday eCommerce trends to look for in 2016

What will be hot this holiday season?

Privately putting patients first

As the healthcare sector focuses on patients and caregivers as primary health decision-makers, privacy guidelines become more challenging to meet

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Brands want to contribute more to your life

Seven out of ten brand marketers want to deliver something of value beyond their products and services

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Online sales went from disrupting to dominating the holiday period.
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The nation's biggest retailers drastically pulled back on advertising during the first half of the holiday season.
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Amazon Go will could upend the convenience store.
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The online behemoth has continually pushed into new areas, increasing its value along the way.
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Apple finished 2016 as the top smartphone brand in Great Britain and the US.

Super Bowl LI was the second-most cluttered game ever.

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